They has 25 goals and 125 shots for 15 and 98 above. In addition calca numbers in defense after the first 10 games in Laliga: 6 goals and 27 shots received.

Atletico still living an attacking frenzy. Saturday again added four more goals in Laliga for a total and 25 in the first ten games. The team has already thrown 125 times and a noticeable increase in that facet is quantified with respect to last season. The attacking team Simeone change is more than evident. In the previous season, after the first ten games of the championship, the team totaled 98 shots for 15 goals. The average has risen much. Simeone noted that the team needed resources and sports management and the club met your request in summer.

After the first two games, two disappointing draws against two teams locked, doubts were opened. ¿Flyers or ends? Simeone mused. It began, then, the gradual pass to midfielder Koke and final commitment by men like Carrasco, Correa, Gaitan … Besides the Cholo is also guilty of that players like the Belgian constantly seek the goal. He asked the beginning of the year to prove launch more frequently, raising the number of goals would allow more players closer to the big two. Carrasco is midfielder Major League most goals (7) leads at this time of year in all competitions.

The Atletico fans enjoy the new mood of his team. Not that have mutated the basic principles of the team, balance and strength, is that in addition to keeping all that has sharpened the attack. Defensive data show that has not been lost forcefulness behind. Atletico have conceded 6 goals, the same as a year ago at this time of the season. Oblak has received 62 of the 27 shots that have gone on goal. Last season had thrown him 68 times and 27 of those shots were among the three sticks. An improved version of Atletico. attacks more, better and defends the same. The dream of every coach.

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