The British newspaper The Mirror has made a ranking of the 20 slowest players in the English league. Cazorla also listed.

Cesc Fabregas has a top speed of 28.73 km / h, making it the third slowest player in the Premier League. The British newspaper The Mirror has made a list of the 20 slowest players of the English competition. The Spanish Santi Cazorla also listed in position number 13. According to the tabloid, the Arsenal midfielder has a top speed of 29.9 km / h.

These are the slowest five players:

5. Giroud
At 30 Arsenal striker reaches its top speed to 29.19 km / h. The French player has always preferred to play with his back to the goal and to have fixed reference meters ahead. Was the front holder France in Euro and playing style, combing the ball to create a second run, was one of the keys to make your selection to reach the final of the championship.

4. Maloney
Hull City striker can get to run at 28.87 km / h maximum. The Scot is not far from one of the big star of the Premier League, not even a great goalscorer. This year is a goal in nine games he has played with his team.

3. Cesc Fabregas
Spanish is one of the few midfielders in the list, mostly dominated by strikers ‘tanks’. According to The Mirror, the Chelsea player runs at a speed of 28.7 km / h. Cesc has never been a physical marvel, but their presence in such a high position in the rankings is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the list. This year is not counting too Conte, used to get their teams to a different profile players.

2. Peter Crouch
The eternal gigantón Premier League. At 35, plays Crouch, Stoke City, where he has scored 47 goals in 134 games. He made his name in the world of football thanks to his time at Liverpool Rafa Benitez and the England team, with 22 goals made. The front two meters high is only capable of running at 28.5 km / h maximum.

Adam 1.Charlie
The Scot is partner Crouch Stoke City. The Scot leads the list of slower with a speed of 26.72 km / h. It is the player who is away from his next on the list but it is one of the most beloved in his club with which he has scored 20 goals in 127 games.

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