The Reds won thanks to goals from Mané and Coutinho. McAuley scored the goal of West Bromwich. Liverpool leader along with Arsenal with 20 points is placed.

Placed Liverpool on Saturday leader of the Premier League after winning (2-1) to Southampton in a ninth round co-leader leaves Arsenal with the same points, 20, after a draw (0-0) against Middlesbrough Aitor Karanka , which he highlighted the great performance of Victor Valdes.

Jürgen Klopp joined the three points at Anfield worth -provisional- the first position in the domestic championship at the expense of what happens in the day Sunday between Manchester City and Southampton home of the ‘citizens’.

Mané and Coutinho ahead of the Reds in the first half while McAuley -in the 81′- was commissioned to close the gap for Southampton, who could do little to equalize the match and in the final minutes.

Meanwhile, at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal and Middlesborough goalless draw, a result that leaves Arsene Wenger’s pupils co-leaders with 20 points, the same as has Liverpool.

Petr Cech, by Arsenal, and Victor Valdes were the protagonists of a game in which no goals were, but it was very entretenido.El Czech excelled with three big stops while the Spanish stopped a dangerous lack dumped by Alexis Sánchez. “It is more than a player, is a leader,” said his coach Karanka after the draw.

Same result obtained Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham (0-0) in their match against Bournemouth and at the goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, was also crucial to preventing the former player of the Spurs, Charlie Daniels, anotase for local .

And the match, which was played during the first 45 minutes, faded in the second half where neither team had serious chances to score.

Meanwhile, the Leicester scored his fourth league win against Crystal Palace (3-1) thanks to goals from Musa, Okazaki and Fuchs which place Ranieri, who have won everything in the Champions League, in the twelfth table position, far from the top positions.

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