The referee Ovidiu Haţegan has been criticized by the Spanish press after the friendly match that “La Roja” it has played at Wembley against England (2-2), reproaching plant that did not sanction tough fouls hosts. In turn, the English readily admit that escaped two red cards, following the forbearance shown by Haţegan.

“I guarantee that before the game I have not forgotten where is the referee. I was forced to look for him after five minutes when overlooked foul of Vardy upon Azpilicueta. A blow ugly, absurd high risk. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, but it was irritating to see the Romanian Ovidiu Alin Haţegan he raised his hands and did not take anything from Leicester striker.

Shortly after, forgiving Vardy took advantage of a mistake of Inigo, to force a penalty inevitable. Lallana made the 1-0. Romanians could throw him out and Carvajal. Vardy made it 2-0 after the break and all seemed lost, “wrote Tomas Roncero chronicle game, the editor of the newspaper AS, Madrid.

During the game, Roncero tweeted a comment acid at his Haţegan “Vardy had a criminal entrance to Azpilicueta. It was red and gave no direct orders. Hal referee.”

“Jamie Vardy and English duo Raheem Sterling will be grateful that Ovidiu Haţegan referee was lenient in the draw with Spain,” headlined the Daily Mail.

“Jamie Vardy and Raheem Sterling are pleased that the Romanian Ovidiu Haţegan embraced the general attitude of international referees to show indulgence in friendlies. The striker Leicester had a stroke foot high, which caught Cesar Azpilicueta on the tibia after only six minutes. in any other game would have been a debate on the color card. Haţegan showed no fouls. the referee has remained in the same state until after 25 minutes, allowing two Spanish players to escape with a yellow card. an entry unhappy by Raheem Sterling left the referee no other choice other than to start disciplinary measures. It can make a case if input deserve a red card, but Haţegan could have prevented the attack inconsiderate of Sterling to the tibia opponent after 31 minutes if it were granted free kick shortly before a foul on Danny Rose, “wrote English.

Haţegan was helped by assistants Octavian Şovre match Sebastian Gheorghe and Cristian Balaj was up.

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