Brazil – Belgium World Cup Prediction 6/07/2018

Brazil – Belgium World Cup Prediction

Belgium “did not win to the scare”, against the surprising selection Japan. After an immaculate group stage, with three games and three wins, qualifying as one of the best selections in this World Cup 2018, the difficulties before Japan were completely unexpected. But, the Belgian difficulties evidenced in the first game returned to appear. The sum of the individualities was once again greater than the collective. However, whoever has Lukako, Mertens, Hazard or De Bruyne, is always close to the goal and consequently the victory. When the quarterfinals are over, the Belgians will have their biggest challenge in this world cup. Brazil was and is increasingly claiming to be the main title contender. His performance has been growing, with a shy game against Switzerland, better with Costa Rica, and a step up when he faced Serbia. As there are not two without three, met Mexico in the last 16, and applied the same recipe, which resulted in another triumph for (2-0). Brazil is this, with Tite pragmatism is the brand image, and the attacking quality of Neymar, Coutinho, William and Gabriel Jesus do the rest. Duel of titans in the Kazan Arena, between two of the best selections of this world, but with collective capacity very disparate. Will Belgium solve this game, again for the individual ability of their players?

Brazil just did not win the first game, then “hit” with 3 consecutive victories, and all by (2-0).

Thus, Switzerland were the only team to be able to score a goal to the canary. Pragmatism, defensive consistency and talent are hallmarks of this selection.

Belgium add up all the games for wins, 3 in the group stage, and now new triumph in the round of 16, but in which did not win for the scare.

Another game identical to the first, in which there was a lot of individualism on the part of its players, and a collective with no ideas. In total, the Belgians have already conceded 4 goals in this world cup.

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With players from Neymar, Coutinho, William, Gabriel Jesus, De Bruyne, Mertens, Lukaku or Hazard, it is difficult not to expect goals. However, this Tite Brazil is a very solid team defensively, and when caught up in advantage knows how to manage as few selections to their advantage. It is not by chance that no game in which Brazil played was beyond the two goals. Casemiro is a big loser, and even with Fernandinho, Brazil could resent his absence, even against a strong midfield with Witsel, Fellaini and De Bruyne. Brazil is more team, and your team can even give you the victory. Brazil (0) Asian handicap.

Prediction Today: Brazil (0) Asian handicap
Odds: 1.54

Prediction of the Day: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.80

Prediction Today: Coutinho score
Odds: 3.5