Young Boys vs Juventus Champions League 12/12/2018

Champions League Young Boys vs Juventus

Young Boys reach this final round of the group stage already eliminated from the European events something that happens with some naturalness, taking into account the group in which it was drawn, with three teams financially much more powerful and that compete in three of the best championships of Europe and the World.

The truth is that in five days the Swiss managed to add just one point, was at home in the 1-1 draw with Valencia.

They lost on both occasions against Manchester United, with Old Trafford on their last day offering a lot of resistance and only conceding a goal they had already conceded in the second half.

After that disappointment, the Young Boys did not let himself be affected and continued his quiet tour in the Swiss Super League towards the revalidation of the national championship title.

Lead the leaderboard with more – imagine yourself! – 19 points than second-placed Basel, who won 3-1 two days ago. In the last, it was the turn to beat Thun 3-2 at home.

Juventus remain steadfast in the group’s lead with 12 points, two more than Manchester United, who also have the presence in the “eighth” assured, lacking close accounts with the move to Mestalla to face the third-placed Valencia.
This means that the Italians need to do the same as the English in this round to guarantee 1st place in the group.

They managed to make a very solid campaign with four wins in five games where they only lost in the reception to Manchester United in a rather surprising way and with some misfortune to the mix, given the way it happened and what was the unfolding of the match in Turin.

On Matchday 1, Juventus qualified with a 1-0 success at home to Valencia, holding on to a five-game winning streak after losing to United, where they have not conceded a single goal since.

In the last days of Serie A, they thrashed out Fiorentina (3-0) and triumphed in the reception to Inter (1-0). The league walk remains well underway, with Juventus leading eight more points than second-placed Naples.

Best Bet of the Day Young Boys vs Juventus

The difference in value between the teams is obvious and I believe that in this game it will come back to be clear, as it happened in the match in Turin in the first round, where Juventus won 3-0 without printing a streaking rhythm in the match.

In fact, Allegri’s team has been evolving defensively and is keeping a good record this season, claiming so far as a candidate to reach a distant place in this Champions League.

The Young Boys will play to meet schedule and for the monetary prize of UEFA, Juventus need to win on penalty of finishing in second place if Manchester United beat Valencia in Spain and so I believe that the Italians will fulfill what is asked them and come back to add three points, something quite common in the various competitions in which they are inserted this season.

Source for this bet: CoreBet – Daily Betting Tips

Prediction Today: Juventus AH -1
Odds: 1.69