Manchester City vs Schalke Betting Predictions 12/03/2019

Manchester City vs Schalke Champions League

Manchester City are a team that has the ambition to be champion in this Champions League And do not hide that desire It is one of the teams in Europe that best practices and is fair to consider them as one of the teams that can get there.

Manchester City leads the Premier league and has a good moment of form. They have a football with a lot of dominion, a lot of ownership and very creative players and technically gifted in the most advanced sector.

Otamendi and Fernandinho miss out on this match for being punished, but this Manchester City part calm, with a 3-2 lead and can manage this tie to their delight.

They are favorites and I believe they play to win not waiting for the opponent due to the result of the first leg in Germany.

Schalke are a team that runs through problems in terms of quality of play are a team far below last year and simply can not have a series of positive results steadily.

They defend badly, the attack is irregular and they are in the fight for the permanence in the Bundesliga. Here they managed to reach the Round of 16 but the 3-2 home defeat at City’s reception virtually robs them of this competition.

They need a miracle in England, something not expected even because 0-1 or 1-2 is not enough.

They had to win 2-1 in Germany, to play with one more player and allowed the turnaround to the opponent. This past weekend, they lost 4-2 at the home of Werder Bremen worsening the situation in the championship.

Manchester City are a strong candidate to win this competition and at this stage they are playing very strong football. They regained the lead in the Premier League and in this Champions League they are a strong team.

Our Betting Prediction Manchester City vs Schalke

To play at home, simply dominate their opponents and against Schalke I believe that they make a good game and that in time of interval, already they are in advantage, the Schalke is going through a bad phase and although they can keep some kind of illusion in something unheard of, here will simply find themselves with a very strong Manchester City for a Schalke who contrasts and who is going through a very bad phase. Manchester City will already be at an advantage in break time and here I am in the home team.

Betting Prediction: Manchester City HT
Odds: 1.42