Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein Betting Predictions 05/09/2019

Best Bet of the Day Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein

Just take a quick look at the odds to understand how much Bosnia is absolutely and undoubtedly favored in this match: the share of the 1 final result is given almost equal. The “small” Liechtestein is considered a sacrificial victim of the desire for revenge of a Bosnia that was considered the second strength of the group of Italy, but that – instead – risks big. Finland, indeed, is really serious, as evidenced by recent results and the current ranking, and Pjanic and fellow cones forced to chase. For this reason, losing more ground could be lethal: against the Liechtestein a victory is needed and possibly even a large and convincing one …

Key points of the prediction Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein

Finland has won three of the four games played so far and has already accumulated five points ahead of Bosnia.

Bosnia that suffered a draw at their debut against Greece (2-2 the final result), but also in their own defeat against Finland (2-0).

Excluding the other defeat suffered at the hands of Italy (2-1), the only real satisfaction for Pjanic and his companions at the moment is the victory of measure against Armenia at home (2-1).

For this against Liechtenstein you need a great performance and a convincing victory, to better face the final sprint and try a resounding comeback …

On the other hand, the Liechtestein is the perfect opponent at the moment: four games played, four defeats, thirteen goals conceded and no one scored.

Our Best Betting Prediction Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Liechtenstein

As said the 1 final result is given practically for granted by the bookmakers. To play something more profitable, you need to look for alternative and original solutions: we choose the winning Bosnia option both in the first and in the second half.

Betting Predictions: Bosnia winning first / second half
Odds: 1.4