Euro postponed to 2021 for security reasons

Euro postponed to 2021 for security reasons

The long-awaited UEFA decision was finally taken on Tuesday with the top body of European football deciding to postpone EURO 2020 to the following year, thus making room on the calendar for the domestic and European leagues to be completed by the end of June.

European Championship offers necessary slack in the calendar

Naturally, many pointed to the possibility of postponing the European Championship as the most plausible solution so that we could see the club season complete so as not to influence the next season.

The EURO only takes place every four years, so postponing it for one year will not have much repercussions for the next edition, which will happen only three years later, in 2024. This is an apparently positive decision on the part of UEFA, thus protecting the national and European club competitions, while not harming a specific country too much, since the European Championship would take place in several European cities.

With this decision, the already qualified teams can now look at the competition in the medium term and forget about the competition here for about three months, something equally beneficial considering that the decision comes in a timely manner and at a stage when the national teams have not yet had made decisions as final calls for the tournament.

In short, the test that promised to liven up the beginning of summer 2020 will be carried over to the same period of the year 2021, being scheduled to run between June 11th and July 11th of next year.

UEFA has also announced that it will reimburse all fans who have already purchased their tickets for the event in an obviously justified decision and that only gives credibility to the institution in times of global crisis.

Domestic leagues can finally breathe a sigh of relief

With this opening in the calendar and the certainty that the players will not have their head in the European Championship, the clubs can now fulfill their period of social isolation with greater tranquility considering that they will have until June 30 – approximately – to conclude their seasons.

A good example is the Spanish League, which still had 11 rounds left to play, something that they can now do with greater ease, believing that this stop due to the coronavirus does not extend too much. Playing twice a week, the Spanish Federation can complete its competition in about a month and a half, although we cannot ignore that European competitions will also enter the equation, so ideally it would be important for clubs to compete again in early May.

Also the Italian League is still very late because it was the first to stop its activities taking into account the strong spread of the virus in your country. With 12 games to be played until the end of the season and still many people and infected players, this is likely to be one of the most complicated cases of resolution, and Serie A may even advance to the Champion, Champions League or Maintenance playoffs.

All of these are scenarios on the table that will continue to be studied as long as the problem persists, but of course the best thing for all of us would be to really eradicate this problem as soon as possible so that everything could run smoothly until the end of June.

European competitions must run the rag over the season

Contrary to the initial expectation that the EURO would end the 2019-20 season, and following its postponement, everything indicates that it will be the Europa League Finals and the Champions League that will end the festivities of a season that will be indelibly marked by this one. frustrating competitive stop.

With several heats to go, and a relatively tight schedule as the pandemic evolves, the possibility of having a FinalFour in a less affected country to decide each of the competitions remains a considered scenario.

CONMEBOL followed in UEFA’s footsteps and postponed Copa America

This would be a particularly lively end to the season in terms of national football, as CONMEBOL had decided to migrate the Copa America to the same period of the European Championship.

This decision aimed to bring the calendars closer to the two continents, not least because many of the South American stars play in the best European championships. Thus, the South American organization also decided to postpone the Copa America to 2021, precisely in the same manner in which it was projected, taking place on the same date as the EURO, that is, from 11 June to 11 July 2021.

In this way, we will have a busy end to the season with club competitions trying to finish, but we already have the guarantee that 2021 will be equally fertile in football since two of the most important national team competitions will be held within a year.