FIFA Dates Online Gamblers' Hell

FIFA Dates Online Gamblers’ Hell

Yes, I know that someone who is reading now will say that he likes the national team competitions and more, that he profits from the disputes. I don’t doubt anyone’s perception.

But have you really listed your bets and calculated your ROI for this type of competition? Or is it just a perception?

This type of image can be very misleading. Simply because we remember the bets we win more than the bets we lose. Therefore, the image of the winnings can pass on a false perception to the bettor.

My concern here is not merely sporting, that is, only if these dates harm teams, as this is already settled: FIFA Dates only harm teams and clubs. But my focus will be on how it disrupts players’ lives.
European championships

Injuries: This is the most obvious consequence. How many times have we not seen key players go to serve their selections in the most weird friendlies in the world and come back with serious injuries.

Ah plus FIFA or UEFA pays the injured person’s salary. It doesn’t matter to us gamblers. What matters is the instability that the absence of these injured players brings to our analysis.

The recalculation of the team’s potential and capacity within our method will change completely in the absence of important players.

But in addition to injuries, we should talk about wear and tear. As FIFA dates are increasingly tucked in the middle of a season that has no dates left, players are exposed to a wear and tear that ends up in their performance within the teams.

That in betting is even worse. Because calculating the absence of an injured player is more straightforward and scalable. But calculating the influence of a blown-out and worn-out player who plays the game is much more subtle and complicated.

That is why FIFA Dates, in addition to bringing serious injuries, still wear out the most important players for an already scorching season.

Breaking pace and focus of the teams:

Soccer players are not robots. They are human beings who, despite being professionals, are subject to all kinds of human feelings.

Imagine Liverpool focused on defending their title in the Champions League and with even more focus on winning back the Premier League that is a dream of the cheerleaders and athletes.

The team manages to open an advantage of 8 points over its great competitor. Suddenly, everything stops. And the focus is on the national teams.

Each of those athletes will serve their teams with other motivations, other commanders, other tactical schemes, other environments, other positions.

There are 15 days with a slow pace, few training sessions and a forgetfulness of your reality in the club. After that, the players return and are soon thrown to the lions of their national competitions and must return to the previous focus. Some may find this insignificant. But it is not.

There is a complete break in the competitive rhythm that moves the teams and the clubs a lot. Consequently, it affects us and our betting methods, which sometimes have extreme difficulty in capturing this break in the clubs. It is no secret that there are many strange results on the FIFA pre-date journey and on the post FIFA date journey.

All of our analytical work that was being carried out with the aim of fine-tuning the method in the study of teams and competitions suffers a very big break both in the exit and in the re-entry.

A good example of the potential break in rhythm and focus happened recently when striker Paolo Guerrero called for Peru to be recalled to stay focused on the dispute for the Brazilian cup semifinal by Internacional.

South American championships

In South American championships the scope of the harm is different for each country.

Most of them stop at FIFA Dates and suffer from the same problems observed in Europe, such as a break in pace, a change in the focus of the teams, injury to players, and changes and deformations of all sorts that we have already discussed in the point above.

But some countries like Brazil and its wonderful football confederation (CBF) do not stop at FIFA dates and to make matters worse the coach of the national team Tite decided to call on several key athletes from the main teams in the country.

Soon, the teams that are looking for the title, or looking for a place in the next Libertadores end up missing their own selection and are without their main athletes in at least two or three rounds of the Brasileirão.

The gravity of this is so great that it can end up influencing even in the competition title dispute.
But is it not possible to profit from FIFA dates and national teams?

Yes, it is possible. But it seems to me much more complicated to apply a method in search of value in the circumstances in which FIFA Dates are distributed.

First, the games take place only a few times a year under very unique conditions. There is no continuity, no linearity, which is essential for any bettor to create technical projections for their bets.

Games, summonses and events end up becoming unique events in themselves without offering parameters of comparison or providing the bettor with the analysis of variables so necessary to any method.
In this type of short shooting event, the study space and variables are very restricted.

In most friendlies, for example, there is no superiority factor. In qualifications for World Cups or Euro selections do not always have their maximum strength, there are often experiments. We are not always able to nuance the conditions in which games are played. The motivation, the interest.

In addition, the teams are teams with little routine and interaction. The players get together very little and the formation of a team is always much more complicated.

The technicians themselves complain about that.

Daily work is absent in this type of work and the teams get together in a busy way with a few days to spare and unable to even train. How many times have we not seen a team go to a game with just one training session or even without training?

Without the sense of continuity present in a League, for example, isolated factors can take over sporting events and completely take away the exceptional standard that we are used to with the teams they play together every week.

Some may question, for example, about continental competitions such as Libertadores, Champions League and Europa League, which are tournaments that occur seasonally and do not offer the continuity present in national leagues.

In my view this is an empty objection. National team days and Champions are completely different things.

The teams in the Champions League are the same, interest is preponderant and there is no structural break that exists in FIFA Dates when clubs dissolve in favor of national teams that are losing their meaning.

Therefore, the possibilities of appearing worthwhile odds even exist, however, the conditions for bettors to identify these odds through their methods is a much more complicated mission.

It is not surprising, therefore, to see bettors taking a break from betting during this period of competition.

What should we do?

I am a conservative gambler so I advise caution on the damn FIFA dates. More than that, I advise even more care in the returns of national leagues after a FIFA date.

As I tried to demonstrate this type of isolated event, it causes a lot of disturbance in the sports reality now analyzed by us and by our betting methods and this can be fatal in the search for value and in obtaining profit.

Players and teams cannot be treated like robots and all the dynamics of the journey, change of motivation, change of focus, change of pace and return of pace are fundamental issues that we need to analyze when betting.

FIFA Dates are terrible and it is up to us to take measures to prevent this type of event from getting in the way of the already complicated task of making a profit on sports betting.