Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat Free Betting Tips

Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat Free Betting Tips

Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat match scheduled on May 18 at the Kopetdag stadium in Ashgabat.

Yokary Turkmen League’s ninth round which starts on Monday with one of the capital’s derby between Kopetdag Asgabat and FC Asgabat. Asgabat, besides being the capital, it is also the most populous city in the country with over a million inhabitants.

Hosts who repeated the success against Merw with a clear external victory over Mary’s other team, the Energetik. A 4 to 0 accrued in the first half hour of play, in what was the best test for Şukurow’s team.

Seýidow’s team that comes from an all in all fair draw against Sagadam. Once upon a time in a game played between two teams who showed that they could bother the first, if only they could find a little more continuity.

Probable Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat lineup

Kopetdag Asgabat – Rasul Çaryýew – Serdarmyrat Baýramow – Ýakup Magsatow – Ýazgylyç Gurbanow – Rasul Mahmudow – Döwletmyrat Seýitmuhammedow – Möwlamberdi Goşşanow – Şiri Annaýew – Elýas Akyýew – Batyrgylyç Berdiýew – Baýramgeldi Gulmaýew

FC Asgabat – Azat Rahmanow – Gurbanmyrat Garaýew – Baýjan Satlykow – Myrat Amantaganow – Atageldi Geldiýew – Nazar Towakelow – Süleýman Orazow – Orazmuhammet Işangulyýew – Boris Iwanow – Şatlyk Gurbanow – Nurýagdy Muhammedow

Last update expected about an hour before the start of the match, with the publication of the official formations. Until the definition ‘official’ appears in the title of the table, indicative formations are to be considered.

Additional information, when present, regarding players who are disqualified, injured or whose availability is uncertain, despite our best efforts, may contain inaccuracies or may not be updated. The wording officers therefore refers only to the starting line-up.

Betting Tips: Kopetdag Asgabat
Odds: 1.53
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.80
Betting Tips: FC Asgabat
Odds: 5.50