Aarhus – Sonderjyske Betting Prediction 3 AUG 2018

Aarhus, the host of this dispute, starts at the betting houses with the first chance because of his own land, but also because he presents himself with a lot more valuable than in the previous season. However, the Nielsen side of the team was ranked in the second half of the standings, the white-reds managed to save themselves from relegation, and again have the chance to fight with the Danish grandees. In the first game played this season, Nielsen’s team pulled a precious spot on the Midtjylland champion’s field, scoring 0-0, a goalkeeper’s grenade that managed to interfere with Poulsen’s penalty. In the second stage, things were the same, so the white-reds took one point in front of Nordsjaelland, quite deserving of the game. The last stage has brought an equalizer to Velje, so the host team needs to break the ice in front of this evening’s champion and win the first game this season, especially since the potential is quite high.

Sondersyjske, the snarl of this dispute, starts according to betting houses with the second chance to win if we look at her lot and the fact that she will not have supporters on her side. The team coached by Danga coach Dan Norgaard started this season with all kinds of results, managing to give the public a first victory this season. If three weeks ago they lost on their own against Aalborg, score 0-1, in the penultimate game drew Odense land, score 2-2, showing a fantastic game of appetite, but unfortunately the defense of was extremely weak in this duel, the last game brought all three points for the blue in front of the Horsens, score 2-0. Fans hope this result is tied this evening to another positive result.

The match will center two bands that suffer pretty much at this start of the season, but things can adjust slowly if the focus is different at the beginning of each game. Both hosts and guests have their chances in this duel, but I think the result will be one that will not enjoy any of them. The series of Aarhus is likely to continue for another equal, even at the break, and at least two goals at the break, in the event that everyone will be able to score in the opponent’s goal.

Prediction of the day :Aarhus to win