UEFA Nations League Moldova vs Belarus

UEFA Nations League Moldova vs Belarus

Moldova slipped badly in this competition when they lost 4-0 in Luxembourg on Matchday 1, in a game where they had more initiative, they tried to attack more, but without the least effectiveness compared to their opponents, as the final numbers show.

To play at home, the set led by Alexandru Spiridon will seek to add the first points and despite being a team that has not won a game for 14 games and that in the last 22 only won the San Marino will have to try … win.

This wants to take something of this UEFA Nations League, having the attractiveness of being able to ascend of division if finishing in the leadership of the Group.

This is a leadership that is occupied for the time being by Belarus, precisely.

The formation of Igor Kriushenko entered with the right foot, asserted his supremacy and the home factor in the debut and took of defeated the modest selection of San Marino by 5-0, in a game where even they created opportunities to be able to make a fat result .
If you play outside the doors, the draw could be a good result, however if you manage to score 6 points in 2 matches it can be an important step for what remains of this competition and I believe that, against the inferiority of the opponent, will be what Kriushenko is going to propose.

If there is more need to add all three points in this match, this is clearly the team that will play at home, more specifically in the city of Chişinău, in a stadium with capacity for about 10,500 people.

Belarus come with some favoritism, it has the quality to hurt Moldova, even because it should try to take over the game and put the Belarussians to the last third, as he was able to do with Luxembourg, although without great effectiveness.

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I foresee a game with motives of interest for those who like excitement and danger with the beacons.

Given that the technical quality is not the best, I opt for the possible return in the case of 2 goals, but I think even we can have a final result of 1-2, 2-2, 1-3, something like this.

Betting Tips: Over 2 goals
Odds: 1.59